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The man is described as Obey Snapback Hats a white male

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Santa Cruz Police are asking for help identifying the man in this picture, saying he stole a Guggi chain while the clerk was in back.
The man is described as Obey Snapback Hats a white male around 25 years old, 6 feet tall, with blonde or light brown hair.  He is wearing an orange "100h7" hooded sweatshirt and a wide brim baseball hat that has the word "Obey" on the front.   
Hindu scriptures say Ayodhya is the Knit Hats birthplace of Lord Ram, making it one of the religion’s holiest places. (Ayodhya means “unconquerable” in Sanskrit.)
Among the sadhus, back then, was Abhiram Das, a muscular priest with a strong voice, a severe visage and a quick temper, according to two of his surviving disciples. In his mid-40s, NBA Snapback Hats he had arrived in the town 15 years before from the countryside of Bihar, to the east, they say.
The mosque was named after the Mughal ruler, Babar, whose troops had built it more than 400 years before. Atlanta Braves Snapback Hats Inside, the mosque had space for about 90 people to pray, according to two elderly Muslims in Ayodhya. Verses of the Koran were written on the walls inside. On the  minbar, or pulpit, under the central dome was inscribed in Persian: “Place for the angels to descend.”
The complex had two courtyards, The Hundreds Snapback Hats ringed by a perimeter wall and separated by a wall with a railing. In the outer courtyard was a small wooden platform with an idol of Ram where Hindus worshipped.
A half-mile nature trail Chicago Bulls Snapback Hats at the Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary features holiday decorations and lights, and there’ll be strolling carolers, pics with Mother Nature and Father Christmas, and other family-friendly entertainment.
Dec. 14-15 from 6:30 to 9 p.m. at the Heard, 1 Nature Place, McKinney. At the event: $9 for adults and seniors, $6 for children 3 to 12, free for children 2 and under. Get a $2 discount if you purchase your tickets in advance online. Parking is free; however, it is a distance from the main entrance. A guest drop-off area is available.

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